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    April 22, 2014
    How Much Should A Domain Name Be?

    Having a good domain name is crucial if you conduct any business online. Sure, some professionals strictly stick to just social media for marketing, but every legitimate business owner has more of an online presence than just a Facebook. Your domain name communicates exactly who you are, what kind of service you provide, and should hook customers and make them interested in your brand. It’s like a book title! But sometimes, the domain name you want is taken. Sometimes, the current owner will be willing to sell. But how much is too much? This post by Kathleen Daniels at Active Rain shares her recent experience with trying to buy a domain name from someone who was selling it:

    What the heck I thought, I’ll complete the form just to see what they are asking. I’d pretty much determined it would be for sale at a high premium.  But, I had nothing to lose. Meanwhile, I continued to search for a domain name.  

    I later came up with a different domain name, that was available for around $100.

    Today, I received a response to my inquiry to purchase the two-word domain name which is available for sale. They were asking for $14,000.00 … definitely too much for me to pay!

    Photo Credit: UTC Library 

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    April 15, 2014
    Ways To Give Your Iphone More Battery

    For any professional, especially those working from home and dealing with clients, your smartphone is your lifeline. If you’re out and about, a dead phone is one of the worst things that can happen to you for your business- especially if you depend on it for calling, texting, emailing, and GPS. It can be avoided by planning ahead, but sometimes the battery life just seems to drain away extremely fast. This post by Alan White at Buzzfeed shows the most common battery killers in Iphones:

    -Limit your location services- apps that are constantly using your GPS feature to update your location are really bad for your battery. Go to Privacy > Location Services > Off.

    -Close the apps you’re not using- double tap the main button, and swipe up to close them. Delete apps you don’t want anymore by holding down and pressing the X.

    -Turn the brightness down- Go to settings > Wallpaper and Brightness, then turn it down just enough to where you can still read it.

    -Turn on airplane mode when you’re not going to be using your phone for a while- it’ll do wonders for your battery life.

    -Turn off automatic downloads- go to Settings > Itunes and App Store > Automatic Downloads – then swipe it to “Off”.

    Photo Credit: Ged Carroll 

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    April 10, 2014
    Becoming A Less Lazy Blogger

    Working from home as a blogger can seem like a dream job for less organized people. You can stay up as late as you want (as long as you eventually get around to work), you can stay in your pajamas all day, you write about what you love, and the hours are extremely flexible. However, without a solid plan and at least a little organization, it can be extremely easy to let yourself slack off. This can lead to lackluster content creation, or even missing deadlines and losing readers. Check out these tips from Laura at The Turquoise Home on how to keep yourself on track and become more efficient:

    -Have a designated office space- give yourself a private area with NO TV or other distractions

    -Use a planner- plan your time by the day or by the hour

    -Create office hours- and stick to them! Make a strict line between work and home life

    -Use “pretty” organization. Folders, dividers, pen cups, and other supplies work much better when they are eye catching.

    Photo Credit: Laurence Simon 

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    April 9, 2014
    Wordless Wednesday: Frame Collage Office

    Photo from Jennifer Hagler

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    March 31, 2014
    Clear! How To Resuscitate Stale Blog Content

    Promoting and marketing your blog is one of the hardest challenges that bloggers face. One way to stay relevant is to constantly churn out new content, but that can be exhausting. Another is to revive old content and make it fresh again. But how do you do that? Isn’t that…cheating? Well, no. It’s a way to gain new readers while drawing attention to your better pieces. This post by Rebekah Radice at Rebekah will give you some valuable tips:

    Follow-Up Post- Writing a follow-up post is a great way to breathe new life into your old post by linking back to it as a reference.

    Roundup of Resources- Weekly or monthly roundup posts are a very popular way to highlight articles that deserve a second look

    Design a Graphic for Pinterest- Pinterest offers a way to visually brand your business, putting your message in front of a whole new audience.

    Photo Credit: Nick

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    March 26, 2014
    (Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Small, Simple Office Area


    Absolutely in love with the Moroccan mirror and fresh flowers!

    Photo from Indulgy

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    March 20, 2014
    Is Homeschooling While Working At Home Impossible?

    If you work full time from home, it’s really helpful to have your kids out of your hair for 7+ hours a day. But, what if you’re not impressed with the quality of education in your area but can’t afford a private school? Can you even imagine working from home while also having your children with you? Is homeschooling while working even possible? Well, it’ll be like working two full time jobs. But, many people work multiple jobs and still manage to get along- even though it’s a lot to juggle! It’s all about time management. This post by Jimmi Lanley at JimmiesCollage has some advice– check out the full article for a complete guide! She covers everything from making the economic decisions, meal planning, housework, juggling work and lessons, and dealing with outside opposition to your decisions. It’s really in depth and impressive. If you homeschool and are considering getting an at-home job, or if you work from home and are considering homeschooling, it’s a wonderful place to start.

    At the core, the answer to being a WAHM who homeschools is to bedisciplined.  For some people that may mean a military style adherence to checklists and schedules. For me it a flexible outer manifestation but a very firm mental resolve that keeps me focused on my goals.

    Photo Credit: Tim Pierce 

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    March 14, 2014
    LinkedIn Headline Help

    LinkedIn is a powerful tool for marketing, networking, and self-promotion. People looking for your type of business will need to be able to find you, so it’s important that your profile page contains important keywords, looks professional, and is easily accessible. This post by Melonie Dorado at Top Dog Social Media has several tips on how to maked your Linked In profile work for you:

    -Make sure your headline stands out in search results– make it click-worthy!

    -Make sure it includes keywords that you want to be found for

    -Include an attention grabbing statement of the benefits that you offer your client

    -Use all available characters!

    Photo Credit: Sheila Scarborough

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    March 3, 2014
    How To Make Social Media Work For You

    Sometimes, simply having a Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for your business isn’t enough. Without any effort put into them, social media accounts will just sit there gathering dust. But, with the proper TLC, social media can do wonders for your business. This post by Rebekah Radice at the BHGrealestate blog has some tips on how to make your social media accounts work for you:

    Being present and active in your social media marketing efforts will require a commitment to sharing, engaging and connecting with consumers on a daily basis.

    Setting attainable goals allows you to see the big picture. 

    Identifying which social channels your target audience is using and then knowing how to connect with them is crucial to social media success.

    Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee 

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    February 26, 2014
    Wordless Wednesday: Lush Desk Space

    Photo from the Brick House Tumblr

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