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  • The average income for home office households is $59,000, versus $45,000 for total households.
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    August 22, 2011
    Starting a Business the Frugal Way

    With so many businesses that fail in their first year or two, trying set one up frugally is a must.  Then as you grow, you can expand into bigger and better.

    Russell Cavanagh of business offers some frugal tips for startups,

    Don’t go daft buying office furniture. Larger charity shops, and even other businesses, may have desks and chairs they’re selling cheap.

    Exploit free advertising opportunities such as free online business directories. Also, get mentioned in your local newspaper.

    Russell offers several other really great ideas.  Thanks for sharing!

    Photo by Taro the Shiba Inu.

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    August 16, 2011
    Working for Yourself is a LOT Harder

    When I was self-employed, I worked about 16 hours a day.  Now as a paid worker of two jobs, I find myself at it only about 10 hours every day (although for one job I’m on call 24-7).  Working for yourself means you have to HUSTLE to find that next dollar, as Sarah Leaps vouches,

    In the morning, brew up a pot (whatever that means to you), spend hours on craigslist, flexjobs, morning coffee, HARO, facebook (strictly business), crowdspring and whatever other rabbit hole you can find to explore for leads.  Pour your heart and soul into crafting customized cover letters and resumes that reduce grown men to tears and make grownups out of babies.  I know you want to, but do NOT skip this part.  Always customize–unless, of course, you don’t really care whether you get the job.  In that case, just use your boilerplate for everything.

    Ha. Her entire post is entertaining, if not uncomfortably true!

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    August 1, 2011
    Salsa and Loneliness

    I finally bit the bullet and went back to work in an office job about six months ago.  It doesn’t leave me much free time to do my “home” work but I squeeze it in on weekends and in the evenings.

    I so miss the freedom I had just a few months ago.  Go where I wanted when I wanted.  Have time to do philanthropic work.  Take an occasional road trip to see the parents.  And eat salsa right out of the jar, just like Will Bailey of nailsbails,

    I work from home, which means I have a lot of…freedom [shudder]. Horrible, limitless, malaise-inducing freedom. For instance, my current outfit consists of boxer briefs and slippers, I just ate a bunch of salsa straight from the jar, and in about five minutes I’m going to lie face-down on my bed as a reward for writing this.

    I miss my window from home as I sit in my office with two red brick walls and two regular walls (but no window).

    Photo by Amy Loves Yah.

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